3PL / contract logistics – better efficiency for
B2B businesses in Finland and abroad

Contract logistics services are offered for B2B companies in Finland and abroad in the fields of manufacturing, import and commerce. The comprehensive service includes import transport, internal logistics, trunk transport and distribution. The service covers all temperature conditions and its internal logistics is produced in the company’s own logistics centres or at the customer’s premises, and the service may include several value added services.

3PL / contract logistics – logistics outsourcing services

  • We provide both temperature controlled and general contract logistics services for retail and industrial companies.
  • The service package covers warehousing, picking, value added services and transport.
  • Our customers include large retail and industrial companies, importers and wholesalers, as well as growing operators in Finland and abroad.
  • Our versatile services 

    • Comprehensive logistics solutions
      • We take care of the logistics of the entire supply chain and free up our customer’s resources for the development of their core business.
    • Warehousing and picking
      • Our facilities are suitable for warehousing almost all types of material.
      • We have space for pallets, small goods and parcelled goods in the mass area.
    • Automated picking services
      • The Cimcorp 3D Shuttle picking machine is suitable for warehousing and picking various small items. Depending on the product, the entire warehousing can be handled in an automated machine or it can be a part of the overall solution we provide.
    • Transport
      • Procurement logistics
      • Trunk transport
      • B2B and B2C distribution transport
      • Parcel deliveries to anywhere in the world
      • Return logistics
    • Internal logistics in the customer’s premises
      • We can also provide the selected services in the customer’s own premises.
    • Value added and packaging services
      • The service package includes comprehensive value added services such as product labelling, packaging services, display pallet construction and assembly services according to the agreement.

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