Colligx Oy has bought the majority of Kylmästi Paras Oy from Juuri Rahasto 1 Oy

Colligx and Juuri Partners Oy have agreed on an arrangement where Colligx will buy the majority of Kylmästi Paras Oy’s stock. As a result of the transaction, Colligx significantly strengthens its position as a producer of total and distribution solutions for food logistics. The executive management of Kylmästi Paras Oy will remain in the company as a minority shareholder and will continue to work for the company.

Due to its scale, the deal does not require the approval of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

Kylmästi Paras Oy specializes in producing temperature-controlled transport and distribution solutions throughout the entire country. The company has distribution terminals in Vantaa and Lempäälä, a nationwide distribution network, a strong market share, and an excellent reputation in the industry. Kylmästi Paras Oy’s turnover in 2022 was 25.2 million euros, and it employs approximately 60 employees.

Colligx Oy is a logistics service company specializing in food logistics and online food shopping solutions, which has grown very quickly in recent years. Colligx offers its customers versatile temperature-controlled and partly automated storage and collection services from its offices in Kerava and Vantaa. The company also offers temperature-controlled transport, distribution, and Last Mile services in cooperation with its strategic partner, Enexus Oy, under the Fetch brand. The main owners of Colligx Oy are Heino Group Oy and Suka Oy.

“Colligx Oy and Kylmästi Paras Oy complement each other perfectly by combining internal logistics and a nationwide distribution system. The arrangement strengthens both companies, and the companies will be able to provide their customers with even more comprehensive overall solutions and services in the future. Kylmästi Paras is a very well-managed company, with which we significantly strengthen our position in the food logistics market”, says Jari Rinnekoski, CEO of Colligx.

“We are very satisfied with the arrangement that has now been agreed upon. The cooperation with Juuri Partners has gone great, and we have come a long way together. The Kylmästi Paras team and customers from Colligx Oy will now get the new home they deserve because both companies are managed with similar family business values. When one adds to this the service package formed by Colligx and Kylmätti Parhas, this is the best possible growth path from both our and our customer’s points of view. It’s also great that all key personnel will continue in their positions, so familiar contacts will remain in the future,” says Jani Närhi, CEO of Kylmästi Paras Oy.

The functions of Colligx and Kylmästi Parhas perfectly complement each other, and the deal does not involve an immediate need to eliminate duplication or reduce personnel.

Additional information:
Jari Rinnekoski, CEO Colligx Oy
Phone 040 057 3711

Jani Närhi, CEO Kylmästi Paras Oy