Delivery to a location specified by the customer at the desired time

We deliver our customers’ parcels to a parcel pickup point, as home deliveries or globally via SkyNet Worldwide Express.

  • We deliver products picked from our warehouse, combination consignments and customer-specific consignments.
  • We combine our customers’ consignments and pickups into one service to boost the efficiency of our operations and make our business more sustainable.
  • We utilise the optimisation program Delivery Optimizer from Bookit Finland in our deliveries.
  • We offer express and normal deliveries in Finland and abroad.
  • We offer our customers a nationwide B2B and B2C trunk and distribution network, which we manage with our own TMS system.
  • Our B2C distribution of small parcels covers the following cities: Greater Helsinki Riihimäki Hämeenlinna Turku Tampere Lahti Kuopio Mikkeli Jyväskylä Oulu Seinäjoki Vaasa

Read more about our parcel deliveries and our cooperation with SkyNet Worldwide Express, which enables parcel deliveries of our customers to anywhere in the world. Express and normal deliveries in Finland and abroad.

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