Comprehensive and scalable e-commerce solutions
for different needs

We provide e-commerce logistics services for both Finnish and foreign online stores. The service package can contain transport as well as overall support including the e-commerce platform, or any individual services (warehousing, packaging and value added services, transport, etc.)

The service covers all temperature conditions and can be provided with a picking machine, traditional shelf storage system or both.

E-commerce logistics for both large and small operators

  • Comprehensive e-commerce logistics solutions

  • E-commerce warehousing and picking

  • Automated picking services

  • E-commerce transport 

    • Online grocery stores at all temperatures: you can choose a comprehensive service or any part of it, for example only distribution

    • Parcel services
  • Internal e-commerce logistics services in the customer’s premises
  • Value added and packaging services
  • Material procurements

We respond to growing demand

  • Our service grows with our customers without additional investments from our customers.
  • We have a strong foothold in online grocery store logistics and we bring benefits of volume to our customers immediately.
  • Scalable system solutions for e-commerce needs
    • Online store system Storeverse. Storeverse Oy’s e-commerce solutions integrate seamlessly with logistics.
  • Distribution
    • We offer our customers a nationwide B2B and B2C trunk and distribution network, which we manage with our own WMS system.
    • Distribution of small parcels in all temperatures for B2C customers in Turku, Tampere, Lahti, Kuopio, Jyväskylä,  Riihimäki, Hämeenlinna, Vaasa, Seinäjoki, Oulu and Greater Helsinki. We are continuously expanding our distribution area.
    • International transport
    • Parcel delivery partners include Pakettipiste, Schenker, Matkahuolto, Posti and SkyNet Finland. We can deliver our customers’ parcel deliveries anywhere in the world.
    • Procurement logistics

Our e-commerce logistics customers

Our e-commerce logistics services:

  • For large established operators who want greater efficiency and better customer experience for their customers
  • For e-commerce companies in the food industry (e.g. meal prep services), industrial e-commerce operators or importers
  • For Finnish and foreign online stores of all sizes

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