Food product logistics services for food industry businesses, importers, local producers and grocery stores

Extensive internal logistics and distribution services for food industry companies

Temperature controlled logistics solutions

  • Comprehensive food product logistics solutions
    • Internal logistics services (roller picking and other types of picking, sorting and value added services, warehousing, trunk transport and distribution) or parts thereof. The service is usually produced in our own or customer’s temperature controlled premises (-18…+14 °C) and the products are food products. 
  • Roller picking
    •  We collect food industry products in Transbox boxes and deliver them to regional terminals or end customers, for example to grocery stores.
  • Warehousing
    •  Product warehousing in all temperatures
    • Tax-free warehouse for alcohol and soft drinks
      • Efficient capital turnover rate: alcohol or excise tax of the stored products need not be paid beforehand.
      • We handle the calculation and payment of taxes on behalf of our customers with a power of attorney.
      • Collateral provided by Colligx
      • Export and import eAD/EMCS
  • Temperature controlled transport
    •  Trunk transport
    • Distribution transport
  •  Value added and packaging services
    •  Product labelling, packaging and palletising services
  • Procuring of packaging materials

Benefits for our customers

  • We offer our customers competent and professional organisation and customer-oriented service.

  • We utilise automation and new technologies efficiently. 

  • Versatile premises that adapt to different needs enable growth. 

  • We improve our processes and develop our operations. 

  • One partner for logistics outsourcing

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